I didn’t plan on making this blog about mental, physical, and emotional survival.  I hoped it would be some sort of beautiful, inspiring, get-connected-to-nature sort of thing.

But this is tough.

If you are reading this, you are one of the survivors of our current circumstances and there’s probably a host of emotions barreling through your nervous system…

I was journaling the other day and realized that the amount of thoughts in my head was overwhelming:


The humans are battling the virus. 

How are my kids are supposed to do school work? They are so distracted.

When I am at home, I am supposed to do work and homeschool?

The maids still can’t come to the house – Ugh, I hate cleaning.

Do I sound like a whiny wanker?

Yes. Entitled America.  Buck up.  Get over it.

It’s a war against a virus.

We’ll have some version of “normal” at some point.

What will it look like?


I sat outside in the garden for a while with my thoughts and questions about life after COVID-19.

I figured getting outside would help me get some clarity.  I breathed in the clean Colorado air. It’s nice without all the traffic (but, I do really miss my Santa Fe spring). I swept, pruned branches, and gave root stimulator to the new trees.

When an entire country goes through a similar flurry of worried thoughts, what we are experiencing, collectively, is trauma. Whether we know it or not, we are going through some form of grief, in my view. We are trying to manage. We are trying to cope.

How are you coping with COVID-19 quarantines, grief, and time?

A dear friend suggested a day in the garden with people wanting to deal with their post-traumatic stressors would be a wonderful thing. It sparked a flame in me.

I have 20 years of experience working with trauma and complex PTSD, taking it to the garden, using polarity processing techniques, and allowing the transformation to just happen.

I would love to share my experiences with others who could use it in person.

It is not an overnight process, but it is a process that worked for me, and I imagine it’s working for many people.

Please, note, I am NOT a therapist – I’m just another survivors sharing with you what works for me.

Here are 3 Methods of Coping with Trauma from COVID-19 or Any Other Triggers

  1. When a trigger flares, try a 60 second serenity practice. Begin with three deep “lung” breaths to release the diaphragm. Continue with “belly breaths” to begin releasing the emotional body. Simply watch your thoughts without getting too attached to them – attempt curiosity with an air of just mapping the mind. At the end of the minute, give thanks to the Divine, whatever that means to you.

  2. Ask a question to nature. If a thought persisted, or something is still really bothering you, form a question you would like answered. Write your question down on a piece of paper, leaving room for the answer.

  3. Listen for a response. The answer may not come right away, and in fact the first responses are usually egoic conditioned reactions. Watch for signs—a feather, a coyote howl, blistering wind, whatever gets your attention. Take note, stay quiet, stay open. Revisit the question in a couple of days and see what answers nature has for you. Write them down to solidify the message. Revisit the answer occasionally. How are you integrating the lessons?

Watch your inbox for my upcoming garden healing workshops!

I’m planning to gather a small group to spend a day journaling, digging, meditating, weeding, walking, planting, and tending to ourselves as we work in the garden. I’m looking forward to healing in the garden with friends whenever we can get together in person again.

If we can’t work together in person, I’ll send out some details for a virtual gathering. In the meantime, take care of yourselves!