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Landscape Services

  • Landscape planning and research
  • Consultations and Evaluations
  • Garden Management
  • Site visits with Head Gardener | Irrigation Installer | Site Supervisor | Stone Mason
  • Labor minimum: 4 hours
  • *Plus applicable sales tax.
  • *We charge for travel time from our office and back.

Landscape Intstallations

  • compost
  • container gardens
  • coyote fences
  • drip irrigation
  • fertilizing
  • flagstone
  • french drains
  • gravel
  • mulch
  • pruning
  • raised beds
  • rock walls
  • four season vegetable gardening
  • native plant designs
  • principles of permaculture used throughout!
  • vertical gardens
  • water catchment/cisterns
  • xeriscape plant designs

Xeriscape is based on seven water-wise landscape principles:

  • Planning and Design.  The landscape is divided into oasis, transitional, and naturalized zones.
  • Soil Improvement. Adding compost and breaking up the soil allows plants to develop strong, deep root systems.
  • Practical Turf Area. Some sites require a lawn, some don’t, but overall, most current landscapes have far too much turf than is practical.
  • Efficient Irrigation. Water for longer deeper periods between rain events. Opt for drip irrigation, rather than overhead sprinklers when possible.
  • Mulch. Whether you use a woody material or gravel for mulch, 2-3″ will protect the precious nutrients and moisture in the soil.
  • Low Water-Use Plants. There are a huge variety of low water use plants now available. Be sure to put plants together that have similar needs.
  • Appropriate Maintenance. Pruning, weeding, soil amending and testing the irrigation system are all part of the water-wise garden.

Please contact us for a site visit. All estimates are free!
All planting and irrigation work is guaranteed for up to one year of installation. Winter watering guidelines apply.

What our clients say
  • Terra Linda is a rare woman who shows her attention to detail, concern for each plant and its connection to the larger landscape, and is a strong enough businesswoman to ensure things are done right, and on time.

    Joanne Kagan
  • We have worked with Terra Linda since we moved to Santa Fe, but, initially on smaller projects. Terra Linda took our rough vision and transformed our property into the perfect blend of structured beds and a free flowing wildflower meadow. Terra Gardens brought more color and variety to our oasis than we thought possible. Their attention to placement of the plantings and incorporating rocks and free standing pots was spot on. Thank you to the whole Terra Gardens team.

    Sandy Maris
  • When I first moved to Santa Fe, I found its unique landscaping demands overwhelming. Terra Linda was my gardening guru when it came to amending the soil, adjusting irrigation, planting drought-tolerant trees and shrubs and everything in between. What was truly special about working with Terra Gardens was their willingness to work with me in co-creating our new landscape. My list of preferred plants was used and while working with a limited color palette and budget. Terra Linda and her crew are hardworking, responsive, skilled and a joy to have on our property.

    Susan Arones
  • Terra Gardens transformed our overgrown neglected backyard into a uniquely beautiful oasis. The process, from our very first discussions with Terra Linda, has been a total pleasure.

    Judith Ford
  • I really appreciate the speed of response when I have had a leak with my aging irrigation system. Terra Gardens is wonderful! Thank you!

    Evelyne & Tim
  • I own four homes in four different states. I have worked with several other landscaping companies, but, Terra Gardens is the best! I am rarely around to take care of some of my homes since I do not live in them full-time. Terra Gardens was recommended to me and the first job I had for them was to completely redo a large, completely overgrown and neglected yard (with three patio areas). I could not believe how much better things looked when they were done. They don’t just come in and “cut things down/back.” They know plants and what plants need. They think about best placements for plants and give great advice. Terra Gardens managed my irrigation systems, all the mulching, and they even re-stacked my firewood! Their prices are very reasonable and the staff is excellent to work with. I trust them to take care of things when I am gone. They will always be my landscaping company for my two properties in Santa Fe.

    Emily Shirley – Santa Fe
  • We have worked with Terra Linda since we moved to Santa Fe, but always on smaller projects. Terra Linda took our rough vision and transformed our property into the perfect blend of structured beds and a free flowing wildflower meadow. She brought more color and variety to our oasis than we thought possible. Her attention to placement of the plantings and incorporating rocks and free standing pots was spot on. Thank you and the Terra team.

    Another happy client in Rancho Viejo
  • When I first moved to Santa Fe, I found its unique landscaping demands overwhelming. Terra Linda was my gardening guru when it came to everything from amending the soil and adjusting irrigation, to planting drought tolerant trees and shrubs. What was truly special about Terra Linda was her willingness to work with me in co-creating our new landscape. She used my list of preferred plants and worked with a limited color palette and budget. Lastly, I found Terra Linda and every member of her crew to be hardworking, responsive, skilled and a joy to have on our property.

    Happy Clients in Rancho Viejo
  • I’m still amazed by the incredible, glorious transformation of my once-troubled back yard! It is stunningly beautiful now. You really listened to my ideas and suggested additional, excellent ones. What you created is far beyond what I was hoping for and you made it happen within my budget.  Next: the front yard! Many thanks for your professionalism, kindness, creativity and magic.

    Comment from Luisa
  • Linda is very professional, punctual, and cheerful.  We have recommended her to our neighbors and they agree with us on her excellent service.

    Sylvia and Chuck Wheeler, Rancho Viejo
  • Linda really listens when we talk about what goals are important to me. She has even helped my husband and me reconcile and negotiate our gardening goals (visually and functionally). She has employed her excellent sense of design and aesthetic to help me make the garden I had in mind when I originally bought my property and started dreaming. I heartily recommend Terra Gardens to all my friends.

    Lyn Martel, Santa Fe
  • Terra Gardens has been our landscaper for 11 years.  They have provided the following services for us: installing and maintaining our drip system, xeriscaping and other creative water savings, planting annuals including vegetables, installing hoops to extend the growing season, maintaining our greenhouse, working with problem/sick trees and plants, helping us find the right plants and flowers for the right locations, finding natural/organic ways to maintain the garden, and the list goes on. We entrust all of the gardening to them while we are away from home for any length of time. Above all we appreciate the love, tenderness and care Terra Gardens brings to our home. We trust them implicitly and can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you, Terra Gardens!

    Brad Laughlin and Leslie Temple-Thurston, Santa Fe
  • Terra Gardens has transformed my garden into a space I can be in and enjoy!  My trees are trimmed and I feel confident they are healthy.  We have enriched the soil, added irrigation and mulch, and garden beds that extend my vegetable growing season through the winter.  Thanks to Terra Gardens I can now enjoy my garden and feel able to keep up with its ongoing needs. Terra Gardens is magical.

    Linda Young, Santa Fe
  • Terra Gardens is knowledgeable, reliable, dependable, and reasonable. Linda’s team worked with my ideas and wishes, explaining why some were good and others not. Last spring we moved some plants, put in some new plants, and everything is thriving. My dogs love to dig in the courtyard and TG did some remedial and preventative work which has helped save my plants, new and old. I have religiously followed the winter watering recommendations and my gardens have never looked so good. I am very glad to have an association with Terra Gardens and their team. I highly recommend them and their work.

    Karen Novotny Tischer, Rancho Viejo
  • As a commercial property owner, it is such a relief to have one less thing to keep track of.  I know Terra Gardens Santa Fe will maintain our grounds properly, with an eye toward sustainable beauty and at a very fair price.

    Lance Armer, Santa Fe Mortgage
  • I decided to call on the help of Terra Gardens when faced with moving from a rental property to our first purchased home. I had bought a lot of plants over the years to transform the bland garden of the rental and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving there but digging them all up while also moving an entire house was an overwhelming thought. The Terra Gardens team was there the next day in full force and left me with a wonderful lined up nursery of potted plants! I was also given very clear instructions as to how to care for my plants until we could get them back into the soil. Terra Gardens’ efficient and professional help was worth every penny and I will be sure to call on them again in the future. Highly recommended!

    Franziska, Santa Fe

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